Sunday, April 1, 2018

Aristotle V - Trakehener Stallion

Aristotle V
2005 gray Trakehner gelding, available via frozen semen
Ee,Aa, Gg 
Breyer SM Valegro #5587

Sire: Stiletto (R), Abdullah grandson
Dam: Arabica (R)

Available for 50 foals from 2009 on.

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Fury V - Mustang Stallion

Fury V
2001 bay roan sabino frame Mustang stallion
2018 Stablemate's Club Kohana

Dam: Cheveyo, owned by Double Hart Ranch
Dam: Rose, owned by Double Hart Ranch
IPABRA 2018 Benefit Auction Pedigree  - has a complete pedigree.

Available from 2004-2021

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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Mateo V, Andalusian PRE stallion

Mateo V
2004 sooty bay Andalusian/Pure Raza Espaniol PRE stallion
Ee, Aa
Breeds Of The World resin finished by Amanda Dionne

Sire: Amistad, owned by Beau Monde Stables
Lines to Legionario III, Furioso, Temerario V, Maluso, Emperador and Destinado II.
Dam: Allianna, owned by Beau Monde Stables
Alliana's sire is a Halter National Champion and English Pleasure/Hunt Seat National Champion. Her dam is double bred Adalid, Champion of Spain.

Multi- Champion
Live Show Placed

Available years: 2007 - 2024

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Monday, March 26, 2018

Opium V - Straight Egyptian Arabian stallion

Opium V
2004 gray Straight Egyptian Arabian stallion
Adib resin

Sire: Ibn Opium, look-a-like son of the immortal *Opium, Vintage CM by Amarna,
owned and bred by Beau Monde Stables
Dam: Morafina, Breyer PAM CM by Amarna,  owned and bred by Beau Monde Stables

His pedigree is Vintage Amarna Straight Egyptian royalty!
Bred by Beau Monde Stables.

Available years:  2007-2024

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Xelestrial V, Knabstraub mare

Xelestrial V
2007 black leopard Knabstraub mare
OF Schleich Knabstraub mare
Baroque type

Sire: Harlequin Middlesom (R)
Dam: Xeleste Middlesom (R)
7 out of 8 ancestors in 3 generations are Knabstraubs.

Available years: 2010-2027

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Renaldi V, Knabstraub stallion

Renaldi V
2010 chestnut blanket Knabstraub gelding
Sport Type
Breyer 2018 SM Club Aiden (we are awaiting his arrival) - click to see on

Sire: Ravaldi (R) - Knabstraub
Dam: Ulula (R) - Holsteiner (1/2 Thoroughbred)

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Theegyptprincess V, Straight Egyptian Arabian mare

Theegyptprincess V
2009 het. gray Straight Egyptian Arabian mare
CollectA Arabian Mare OF

Sire: Alixir (R) - grandson of The Minstril
Dam: Bint Imaara (R) - granddaughter of Sheik el Badi and Theegyptianprince

Available years:  2012-2029

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