Sunday, November 26, 2017

Cafe Au Lait V, purebred Thoroughbred, dual Paint stallion

Cafe Au Lait V
2000 black splash frame Thoroughbred stallion
Dual registered Paint
Vintage CM SM (early 90s)

Sire: Ellusive Quest (R) brown splash frame Thoroughbred
Dam: Smartly Chic, bay Thoroughbred, OF Halla, owned by Visions
All real lines - Foolish Pleasure, What A Pleasure, Quadrangle, Determine

Available years: 2003-2023

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Sea Splash V, Paint Stallion

Sea Splash V
2005 blood bay tovero (tobiano, splash, frame) 3/4 TB Paint Stallion
Vintage CM SM by "DD" (early 90s)

Sire: Blue Eyed Streaker (R) - brown splash frame overo Thoroughbred
Dam: Disco Dreams (half TB tobiano Paint), owned by Double Hart Ranch

Available years: 2008-2028

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Tidal Waters, 98.4375% Arabian Pinto

Tidal Waters V
2003 rose gray tobiano (chestnut based) 98.4375% Arabian Pinto stallion
When bred to a purebred mare, the resulting foal, if Tobiano will be a Pintabian 
OF Peter Stone Chips Arabian

Sire: Amarna Justa Breeze V, purebred SE Arabian, owned by Visions
Dam: Tsilk & Tsaatin, 96.875% Arabian Pinto, owned by Double Hart Ranch.

Available years: 2006-2026

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Valley Hi V, Trakhener gelding

Valley Hi V
2002 dark bay Trakhener gelding
Breyer OF SM Valegro
Sire: Magnusohn (Pregelstrand ®, by Morgenglanz x  Menuette ®, by Fasolt)
owned by Jean Sorensen/Lake Hill Ranch
Dam: Venka (Schoenfelder Ps ® by Kurfurst x Venus VI ®  by Mozart)
 owned by Jean Sorensen/Lake Hill Ranch

Note:  Trakehner’s should be named using the first letter of the Dam’s name.

Available via frozen semen for any year from 2005.  Limited to 50 foals.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Oliver V, American Warmblood Gelding

Oliver V
2012 red dun splash American Warmblood gelding
Breyer OF SM Amapa, Breyerfest SR Mini Valegro

Sire: The Golden Lion - dunalino blanket AWB (Knabstraub x), owned by KSW Farms
Dam: Gambling Lady - black splash AWB (Trakhener x), owned by KSW Farms

IMEHA Champion

Available via frozen semen for any year from 2015.  Limited to 50 foals.

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Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Strike A Pose V, Georgian Grande mare

Strike A Pose V 
2007 flaxen chestnut sabino Georgian Grande mare
AA Friesian finished by Tom Bainbridge
Sire: Winsdown Celebration (R) (American Saddlebred)
Dam: Mt Baker Major's Taxes (R) (Clydesdale)

 Open years: 2010-2027

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Thursday, August 31, 2017

Storm Surge V, Clydesdale Stallion

Storm Surge V 
2008 bay sabino Clydesdale stallion 
Shown as a 2 year old, in winter coat.
CM Chips Drafter by Kimberley Harvey
Purchased during the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey (2017).
Lines to horses from Canada and Great Britian.

Available years: 2011 - 2028
Sire of:
1. Murray of Horn Hill, 2013 Bay Sabino Roan Clyde stallion, owned by Ryan Jaeger

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