Monday, January 22, 2018

MW Enchanted V, Pintabian (Part Arabian) mare

MW Enchanted V
2005 bay tobiano Pintabian,  99.21875% Arabian
Sire: Tidal Waters V 98.4375% Arabian (Part Arab Pinto)
Dam: Vitvitskaia V pure Polish Arabian

AR Mini Ziryab finished by Meredith Warren
Purchased with 9  NAN cards, 6 in halter.

Available years: 2009-2025

Attention Please, Thoroughbred mare

Attention Please
1999 sooty dapple palomino Thoroughbred mare
Sire: Glitter Please (R)
Dam: War Sailor (R - portrait model)

Breyer CM SM Running Thoroughbred by Amanda Dionne

Available Years:  2003-2019

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Cinnamon V, Shetland Pony mare

Cinnamon V
Flaxen Chestnut Tobiano Shetland Pony mare
OF Schleich Shetland Pony

IMEHA Champion

Friday, December 15, 2017

Luxor V, Thoroughbred stallion

Luxor V
2013 bay Thoroughbred stallion
Breyer OF SM American Pharoah
full sibling to Triple Crown Winner American Pharoah
Sire:  Empire Maker
Dam:  Littleprincessemma

TOPSA Championship Show 2nd Place winner

Available years: 2016-2033

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Sunday, November 26, 2017

Cafe Au Lait V, purebred Thoroughbred, dual Paint stallion

Cafe Au Lait V
2000 black splash frame Thoroughbred stallion
Dual registered Paint
Vintage CM SM (early 90s)

Sire: Ellusive Quest (R) brown splash frame Thoroughbred
Dam: Smartly Chic, bay Thoroughbred, OF Halla, owned by Visions
All real lines - Foolish Pleasure, What A Pleasure, Quadrangle, Determine

Available years: 2003-2023

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Sea Splash V, Paint Stallion

Sea Splash V
2005 blood bay tovero (tobiano, splash, frame) 3/4 TB Paint Stallion
Vintage CM SM by "DD" (early 90s)

Sire: Blue Eyed Streaker (R) - brown splash frame overo Thoroughbred
Dam: Disco Dreams (half TB tobiano Paint), owned by Double Hart Ranch

Available years: 2008-2028

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Tidal Waters, 98.4375% Arabian Part Arabian Pinto

Tidal Waters V
2003 rose gray tobiano (chestnut based) 98.4375% Arabian Pinto stallion
When bred to a purebred mare, the resulting foal, if Tobiano will be a Pintabian 
OF Peter Stone Chips Arabian

Sire: Amarna Justa Breeze V, purebred SE Arabian, owned by Visions
Dam: Tsilk & Tsaatin, 96.875% Arabian Pinto, owned by Double Hart Ranch.

Available years: 2005-2026
2005 MW Enchanted V bay tobiano Pintabian mare owned by Holly Goldman-Craig

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