Saturday, March 18, 2017

Honey Badger V, Quarter Horse Mare

Honey Badger V
Sire: Barbarian Tuff (BSO - from real lines)
Dam: Upside Dun Cake (R), a horse I rode in the 90s, a 1987 Wonder Seeker granddaughter
1999 Dark Buckskin Quarter Horse Mare
Genetic Profile: Ee (carries recessive red), AA (all foals will be bay based), CrC (carries cream)

CM SM Standing Stock Horse by Mooriah Voogd in 2016.
IMEHA Champion
MEPSA Championship show qualified 2016-2017 season
2017 MEPSA Championship Show Top Ten
purchased with a NAN card

Available years: 2003, 2005-2019, one foal per year
2002: Spicy Sangria V
2004: Wish Upon A Star V

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