Saturday, March 18, 2017

Sire/Dam List Rules

Rules and information needed when requesting the use of a sire and/or dam:

  • Available years are listed on each horses' page.
  • Each mare is allowed one foal per year. Stallions are allowed 10 foals per year.
  • List alternate years in case your requested year has already been taken
  • When submitting a request for a Paint, pinto or Appaloosa marked horse, please include both the base color of the horse and the pattern. For example, bay sabino frame, black tobiano, blue roan with a spotted blanket, chestnut leopard, etc.
  • Keep in mind real horse genetics when choosing a sire or dam. We understand that these are not real horses, but we do try to reproduce colors as if they were. If you are unsure of what colors can be produced between two horses you have chosen, please don't hesitate to ask. 
  • Crossing a chestnut of any shade to another chestnut, will always produce a chestnut
  • A grey or roan (regardless of base color) must have one parent of the same color. Grey and roan do not hide or skip a generation (but roan can be covered by grey)
  • A tobiano must have one parent of the same pattern. Tobiano does not hide, skip a generation or crop out from two solid parents.
  • Nor can two overos (sabino, frame or splash) produce a tobiano
  • A cream dilute (palomino, buckskin & smoky black) must have one cream dilute parent
  • A double cream dilute (cremello, perlino & smoky cream) requires that both parents be a single or double cream dilute
  • A dun dilute (dun, grulla & red dun) must have one dun dilute parent.
  • The dun gene is different from the cream gene that creates buckskin
  • A champagne must have one parent champagne parent

Please include the following information when sending a request: 
(Photos are appreciated but not required.)
Foal's Name
Foaling Year (please include alternates)
Mold/Model Number
Finish (OF, CM, etc)
Owner's Full Name
Parents Requested

Certificates are emailed as a PDF file or a Word .doc file. Because of this we do not charge a fee.
Please allow a few weeks for your certificate to be sent to you. I try to get them back within 48 hours, but sometimes real life gets in the way of my hobby time.

Thank you for choosing Visions Model Horse Stables and if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.

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