Saturday, March 18, 2017

Kopy Kat V, Appaloosa Stallion

Kopy Kat V
Sire: First Secretary (R) - 1/2 Thoroughbred, sired by Secretariat
Dam: Fun Worthy (R) - 1976 Thoroughbred, a real mare I knew in the 80s.
1993 Bay Blanket 3/4 Thoroughbred, 1/4 Appaloosa Gelding, Frozen Semen Available
Shown as an 11 year old Appaloosa Sporthorse.  ApHC would allow full registration.
Genetic Profile: Ee (carries red) Aa (bay and black) heterozygous Lp

Vintage CM SM by D'arry Jone Frank
Multiple Live Show Champion, consistant for over a decade!

Available via frozen semen for any year from 1996.  Limited to 50 foals.

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