Saturday, March 18, 2017

Vitvitskaia V, Pure Polish Arabian Mare


*Polak (1981-1997)

Vitvitskaia V, named for a real mare I knew in the 90s.
Sire: *Polak (R)
Dam: Baskana (R), a mare I rode in 1990, a 1976 granddaughter of *Bask++
1986 Gray
Genetic Profile:  Ee (carries black and red) Gg (het. gray) Aa (can throw bay or black)

Mini Ziryab resin painted by Tia Justice in 2016.   Successfully shown as a 7 year old.
Photo Show Multi Champion
MEPSA Championship Show Qualified 2016-2017 season
2017 MEPSA Championship Show Top Ten
2017 AMAHA National Show Top Ten
IMEHA Champion
NAN card winner
Live Show Overall Top Ten Winner

This mare is the foundation of our Arabian and Part Arabian program.

Available years: 1990 - 2002, only one foal per year
2003 - reserved
2004 - Mira V - purebred mare, owned by H. Goldman-Craig
2005 - MW Enchanted V - Pintabian mare, owned by Holly Goldman-Craig
2006 - Farsi V - 3/4 Arabian, 1/4 Welsh Mountain Pony, owned by H. Goldman-Craig

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